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What’s Behind YouTube’s Ban on Two Senators’s Videos?

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YouTube has now decided to censor the U.S. Senate. It removed two videos from a session in which medical specialists gave testimony on the first treatments for patients with coronavirus (COVID-19).

Republican Senator Ron Johnson revealed in an article in The Wall Street Journal that the deleted videos were part of a December 8th Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing. One was a 30-minute summary and the other was the opening statement of critical care specialist Pierre Kory.

What’s behind YouTube’s ban?

Major social networks and portals such as YouTube have put a special zeal to censor videos that they consider uncomfortable under the supposed excuse that these would be violating the company’s rules. However, in the case of these two videos so far there is no logical explanation to justify the censorship.

What is curious about the case is that at the December hearing, Dr. Kory presented evidence on the use of ivermectin as an early treatment for COVID-19. The doctor described a recently published study from Argentina in which some 800 healthcare workers received ivermectin and 400 did not. None of the 800 contracted COVID-19, while 58% of the 400 did.

Dr. Kory asked the National Institutes of Health to review his group’s manuscript, which describes dozens of successful trials of ivermectin use, and recommended updating the medical guidance the U.S. is currently working on to implement the drug as a preventive treatment for COVID-19.

“On December 10th, Senator Rand Paul and I sent a letter to the NIH requesting that it review Dr. Kory’s evidence. On January 14th, the NIH changed its guidance to neutral by acknowledging the successful trials, but determined that there is currently insufficient data to recommend for or against the use of ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19,” Johnson said.

The senator recalled that before YouTube removed the videos the ivermectin statement had been viewed by more than eight million people.

“YouTube censors have decided for all of us that the American public should not be able to hear what the senators heard. Apparently, they are smarter than the doctors who have dedicated their lives to science and use their skills to save lives. They have decided that only one medical viewpoint is allowed, and that is the viewpoint dictated by government agencies. Government-sanctioned censorship of ideas and speech should scare us all,” he stated.

Dismissed physicians

The senator also revealed in his article that some physicians who have had the courage to use their expertise to develop protocols against coronavirus from a variety of inexpensive and available drugs, such as ivermectin, instead of being rewarded, are being censured.

“Instead of being rewarded, they are being censored, ostracized, vilified in the press and even fired. This closed-minded approach represents a dark chapter in the history of medicine and journalism,” he denounced.

Google has joined other tech giants in ramping up censorship in recent months. It has removed videos about COVID-19 that it believes “contain misinformation.”

“YouTube does not allow content that disseminates medical misinformation that contradicts medical information from local health authorities or the World Health Organization (WHO) about COVID-19,” Google’s website states. That includes content related to treatment, prevention and transmission of the virus.

However, WHO itself has spread misinformation about the pandemic and has close ties to the Communist Party of China (CPC).

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki published a letter on January 26th reporting that since February 2020 the platform has removed 500,000 videos for violating COVID-19 rules.

Sabrina Martín Rondon is a Venezuelan journalist. Her source is politics and economics. She is a specialist in corporate communications and is committed to the task of dismantling the supposed benefits of socialism // Sabrina Martín Rondon es periodista venezolana. Su fuente es la política y economía. Es especialista en comunicaciones corporativas y se ha comprometido con la tarea de desmontar las supuestas bondades del socialismo

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