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The White Man as the Enemy: Race and Segregation as a Political Weapon

El hombre blanco como enemigo: la raza y segregación como arma política

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Segregation has been one of the most effective political weapons in recent centuries to seize and preserve power, the trite phrase “divide and conquer” is not simply a crutch taken from the common cause manual to feign wisdom, in the marketplace of axioms there are few so irrefutable.

In the past, it was the Democratic Party that roughly defended slavery and systemic racism in the United States. It was members of this party together with another group of radicals who founded the terrorist and racist organization of the Ku Klux Klan. In fact, the Republican Abraham Lincoln was forced to declare war on the southern states to prevent the disintegration of the Union and abolish the policies defended by the southern Democrats to keep blacks subjugated as just another insignificant commodity.

In the middle of the last century, segregation policies still existed in some states of the Union for public schools, bathrooms, restaurants or transportation units, African-Americans could only sit in the back of buses and were prohibited from entering certain places, all this driven by what became known in the country as the Jim Crow laws, the same ones recently cited by President Biden to try to blame the Republicans for the racism that existed —or according to them, still exists—in the United States.

The terrible past of African-Americans in the country is something completely painful and undeniable. However, until not long ago a black man named Barack Obama became President of the United States for the Democratic Party. Before him, an African-American woman for the Republican Party —Condoleezza Rice— had already served as Secretary of State —the second most important position in Washington—. To all this we can add a number of successful African-American in the cultural world, movies, music, even business and also sports. How could a country that elects a majority black President and has as its great idols Michael Jordan, Morgan Freeman, Oprah Winfrey, among others, be racist?

President Barack Obama (Archive)

Segregation laws were abolished several decades ago, yet the same party that once defended slavery now tries to impose the narrative that there is “systemic racism” in the country, and label anyone who opposes the progressive agenda as “white supremacists,” even though —pardon the redundancy— their African-American candidate won the presidency less than ten years ago.

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Of course, those leading this segregation campaign are not stupid, their statements and policies are aimed precisely at erecting more barriers and filling people with labels in order to play as they please with demographics: if you destroy the trust of citizens among themselves, they can only trust and submit to the designs of the State; Machiavelli already said that “the only sure way to dominate a city —country— used to live free is to destroy it.”

The shouts and slogans to abolish the police, destroy ICE, crowd the Supreme Court of Justice, and even the violent protests that have caused looting, arson and destruction of private property are not isolated events, although the perpetrators are unknown to each other and some think they have nothing to do with the other, the lowest class of the political chain —the low-income citizens— are being used by left-leaning politicians to erode the social ecosystem and give more and more power, not only to the State, but to the political party that promotes the narrative that the United States is the most unjust, cruel and miserable country on earth.

Miami Woman Asks to Remove Police Funding (Image: EFE)

The white man’s segregation

The new enemy that has arisen in what was for centuries the land of liberties is the white man, regardless of the fact that it was his ancestors and not them practiced slavery, today it seems that having light skin is a sin.

In Oakland, California, for example, the mayor of the city, Democrat Libby Schaaf (a white woman) decreed a subsidy program that will grant checks of 500 dollars a month to families in poverty, with the exception of those who make the mistake of having white skin. In Boston, a hospital announced a program to provide preferential medical care to blacks and Latinos, giving them priority over whites. At the large multinational Coca-Cola, all its employees underwent training to “be less white”, and even at Columbia University, graduations have begun to be divided by race.

Indeed, if we put all this on a scale, we can say that the United States is indeed a racist country, but at present not precisely against blacks. It is clear that those who call themselves “anti-racists” are promoting a new apartheid by completely nullifying the American character that unites all the inhabitants of the country.

If the new progressive elite really intended to combat “racism”, they would not be claiming racial quotas and imposing privileges on certain demographic groups over others, that what they call “anti-racism”, is really a racist attitude.

Neither blacks, nor Latinos, nor Asians are more or less than a white person, none of them deserve to have special treatment before the law, since they are all equal and each one of them are simply Americans, yes, Americans, just like that, without last names.

In the official discourse, in the progressive media and in the mechanisms of woke propaganda, a new enemy has been created: the white man. It is up to those of us who truly oppose racism to destroy the apartheid agenda and teach the world that no man is defined by his origin or skin color, but by his actions and thoughts.

Emmanuel Rincón is a lawyer, writer, novelist and essayist. He has won several international literary awards. He is Editor-at-large at El American // Emmanuel Rincón es abogado, escritor, novelista y ensayista. Ganador de diversos premios literarios internacionales. Es editor-at-large en El American