New Hampshire Man Sues State After Being Denied Vaccination For being White

Lawsuit details that he wasn’t able to get the vaccine despite having diabetes

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A white New Hampshire resident filed a lawsuit with the Office for Civil Rights, Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) against state authorities. The situation arose because, according to the plaintiff, he was denied the Covid-19 vaccine because he was not a person of color.

The lawsuit was filed by the Ethics and Public Policy Center (EPPC) and Boyden Gray & Associates on Tuesday and although the man’s name is anonymous, it is known that he is 28 years old. It also details that he could not be vaccinated despite having diabetes, one of the groups considered “vulnerable.”

new hampshire
The man argued in the lawsuit that he did not receive the vaccine because of his race. (Image: EFE)

According to National Review, when the man called the Upper Valley Public Health Council in Lebanon, NH to schedule an injection, he was informed that they were “only serving people of color” at the time. The move would be part of the state’s equitable vaccine distribution policies.

“No one seeking medical care should be sent to the back of the line because of their race, but that is exactly what the state of New Hampshire did with Covid-19 vaccines. HHS must investigate and hold New Hampshire accountable for its blatantly illegal discrimination,” said Rachel Morrison, an attorney and policy analyst with the HHS Accountability Project.

Finally, attorney Michael Buschbacher told National Review that the state’s “racially discriminatory vaccination program is a disaster.”

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