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The Idiocy of the Week: Whoopi Goldberg and The View’s Coven Against Ted Cruz

La Idiotez de la Semana: Whoopi Goldberg y el aquelarre de The View contra Ted Cruz

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Whoopi Goldberg and her cohorts on The View have been shouting and crowing uninformed opinions. It doesn’t matter when you read this, but this week they win El American’s Idiocy of the Week award after last Monday’s ambush of Ted Cruz.

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz, in an act of almost suicidal courage, went as a guest to The View, a talk show that seems to be made by and for progressive Karens. As soon as he arrived, a group of “climate activists” in the audience began shouting for the show to cover climate change.

As usual, their environmentalist claims soon turned into leftist political pleading – what a surprise – and they began to berate Ted Cruz. They even hurled severe insults at the senator, and some had to be removed by the program’s security.

The protests were so unbearable that Whoopi Goldberg had to say “Ladies, excuse us. Let us do our job!”. From what we saw later, it’s pretty clear that what Whoopi Goldberg was demanding was that the activists stop heckling and harassing Ted Cruz so that she and the rest of the anchors could do their job of heckling and harassing Ted Cruz.

whoopi goldberg ted cruz
“The prophecy has been fulfilled. (Halo theme plays in the background).” (Source: Mostly Peaceful Memes)

Whoopi Goldberg and Ted Cruz’s ambush on The View

Despite being hemmed in by a group of hooting and hollering ladies, Ted Cruz kept his cool and was able to give a few lessons to those who would listen…or were able to listen amidst all the cackling.

The high point of the interview, where you could see the ignorant sectarianism of the anchors, particularly Whoopi Goldberg, was when they talked about the election

whoopi goldberg the view
Whoopi Goldberg. (EFE by Alejandro García)

Unlike other programs where they spout their lies without anyone to confront them, on this occasion Ted Cruz exposed the program’s double standard when they fiercely criticize Republicans like him for questioning the legitimacy of the election results, but don’t criticize, and even support, similar statements by Democrats.

Whoopi Goldberg jumped in to say that “you know what? Here’s the thing: we may not like it when Republicans win elections, but we don’t go and we don’t storm.”

With this response it seems as if Whoopi Goldberg has been living in an incommunicado bunker and Ted Cruz let her know: “Did I miss an entire year of antifa riots where cities across this country were burning? Your position is that the left doesn’t engage in violence, really?”

Goldberg replied by saying, “I don’t know what an antifa riot is.” With this response, Whoopi Goldberg is either displaying an almost pathological unabashed cynicism, or she believes herself to be in possession of a moral superiority that has installed her in an ivory tower so high that the host of The View is incapable of having a good view of the reality at her feet.

Luckily, Ted Cruz had prepared a small piece of paper with quotes from Democratic representatives such as Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden himself in which they questioned the electoral victories of Republicans such as Trump or Bush.

While the quotes were being read, the coven of anchors lowered their voices and finally Ted Cruz could be heard clearly for almost the first time in the whole program. What was the response of anchor Ana Navarro? “We don’t scream, lower your voice”.

It definitely seems that these ladies live in a parallel universe.

The blatant cognitive dissonance of The View hosts has earned them a well-deserved Idiocy of the Week award from El American.

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