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Whoopi Goldberg Says Biden Not to Blame for Inflation, Baby Formula Shortages

Biden, El American

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Actress Whoopi Goldberg, host of ABC’s liberal show The View, said during Wednesday’s episode that high gas prices nationwide are not President Joe Biden’s responsibility and tried to exculpate the Democratic administration for the shortage of baby formula.

As the show’s panel were discussing the national primary results, former Trump White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham interrupted saying that President Biden “needs to get some things in order” before the November midterms because “he’s not doing well.”

Defending Biden against the polls

Grisham made reference to inflation, high fuel prices and how these affect domestic producers and food distribution. “People really are suffering at the grocery store. There are a lot of things going on and I think that could affect the polls” Grisham added.

Goldberg immediately came to Biden’s defense, saying that “everybody is suffering” and that not everything that happens can be attributed to the president and his decisions.

“Gas prices aren’t bad because of anything Biden did,” Goldberg said, adding that the president is only left to “absorb” the consequences of what is happening in the world, such as the invasion against Ukraine by Russia. The panelist added that the shortage of baby formula is not Biden’s fault either.

“I’ve noticed that when people talk about these things, specifically what you just said, nobody ever says, you know, here’s the cause of this and here’s how we have to fight this. Now, I see this guy, look, he doesn’t do everything I want him to do. He does a lot of stuff that I’m very happy with but he doesn’t do everything. But I’m going to give everybody their due, when they do do something that they’re supposed to do.”

When Grishamn responded that anything Biden does or doesn’t do will affect the polls, Goldberg insisted, “It won’t if we tell them what is going on.”

This week, gasoline prices reached a new national average record of $4.56 per gallon, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA), with one of the reasons being higher oil prices as a result of sanctions against Russia.

Moreover, a crisis in the national supply of baby formula reached 31% at the end of April, forcing multiple stores to ration the sale of the infant food.

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