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Why Are So Many People Surprised by Chris Rock?

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It really is sad to see the way we succumb as a society and media to the temptation to repeatedly reproduce violence in order to ride media waves that leave nothing good for our already shattered humanity.

However, there is one aspect of this story that I want to rescue and defend before I abandon this issue to the annals of oblivion. Or that’s what I hope to do.

I recently heard a colleague say that Will Smith’s attitude “corroborated all the negative stereotypes” about black people. I beg to differ, and consider that comment racist and unacceptable.

Whoopi Goldberg made a wonderful response to that kind of statement this week on The View, while asking us to stop being surprised that Chris Rock kept his composure in the face of aggression: “Why wouldn’t he (Chris) be the adult? I keep hearing that, and people keep saying: ‘people think of black people the wrong way’. Well, let me tell you they should be looking at us saying: ‘oh, okay!’ Because he didn’t indulge! There’s nothing wrong with what he did. So, there’s no reason for anybody to have any issue with black people. You have an issue with Will Smith and what he did. He doesn’t represent every black person on the planet. Stop doing that and assume that the right thing was done because the man (Chris) knows how to act in public!.”

Don’t be surprised that a black man doesn’t succumb to violence! Chris Rock is no exception! He’s just another example of the overwhelming and honorable majority! I aspire to have some of that fortitude if I ever find myself in the same situation.

Didn’t like Chris’s joke? That’s fine… That’s your right. Do you think Jada Pinkett was the real victim in all this? That’s an absolutely valid and well-founded point of view but stop thinking that Will Smith represents the African-American community, as if Chris’s bravery is the exception rather than the rule.

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