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DeSantis’ Surgeon General Speaks Out Against the CDC, Explains Successful Strategy Against COVID

CDC, Florida

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Florida’s anti-COVID-19 strategy has been constantly attacked by the left and the media. It was one of the first states to eliminate quarantines, mandatory masks and has always had a strong stance against the imposition of vaccination mandates – even in the private sector – in a constant battle against the federal government and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

It was also one of the first states to propose and massively implement treatments designed to attack COVID-19, executed a massive vaccination campaign for the elderly and at-risk population, and took the issue of natural immunity seriously after having been infected and the importance of reducing comorbidities in the fight against the virus.

Many perceive that CDC’s strategy has been radically the opposite and has followed more politics than science. One of these is Dr. Joseph Ladapo, Florida’s Surgeon General and the state’s most visible face in its strategy against COVID-19.

“The CDC didn’t talk about natural immunity at all. But we know it’s a very important thing. They didn’t say anything about treatments for many, many months, even though we know there are very important treatments. They were very insistent on masks, but we know that probably the benefits are very, very small. Just look at Florida and California. In California everybody used masks and the results were almost the same as in Florida,” Ladapo said in an exclusive interview with El American.

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Along with Gov. Ron DeSantis, Ladapo issued the Buck The CDC initiative a few months ago as official state pandemic policy, which lowered the suggested quarantine after an infection to 5 days and called for not imposing masks on private businesses. “I think the political was more important [to the CDC] than people’s health, but in Florida we think people are the most important thing.”