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Why Americans Should Worry About Colombia’s Gustavo Petro

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Not caring about foreign affairs could be a common practice among certain political circles. Just last week, a wing of the Republican Party was raising the alarm about billions of taxpayer dollars being sent to a fragile Ukraine as they defend themselves against unjustified Russian aggression—and rightfully so. There is a foreign affair that we as a nation cannot ignore: the Colombian presidential elections.

El American’s Emmanuel Rincón makes the argument that far-left candidate for Colombia’s presidency Gustavo Petro is a national security threat to the nation. He is right. The op-ed details how the potentially left-wing presidency could lead to thousands, if not millions, of more undocumented immigrants on our national border, increasing the burden on our great immigration agents. Agents who have been left to fend for themselves by the Biden administration. 

Under Petro, drug trafficking and violent crime would run rampant through Central and South America. And we can all rest assured that it won’t be long until those factors, particularly under a Biden presidency, reach our nation. Stay tuned for the thought-provoking news and analysis of the upcoming Colombian elections exclusively in El American.

This article originally appeared in El American’s newsletter on May 20, 2022. Subscribe for free here!