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Should Trump Return to Twitter?

Donald Trump

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One might have to admit that Trump’s latest decision not to return to Twitter is a smart one, at least from an economic point of view. Trump’s investment in his new social network is in jeopardy. From the moment Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter was rumored, Truth’s shares plunged 9%. In December, the former president had already announced that he had a fund of more than $1 billion to finance his digital project, with which he was seeking to combat the censorship he was subjected to after the January 6 riots on Capitol Hill.

It seems only logical that he should ensure the survival of his project, and with his vast network of staunch supporters, he will manage to keep interest in his TRUTH platform alive. For now, Truth’s TRUTH is the most downloaded iPhone app in the U.S., which shows that it is positioned in a market loyal to the former president.

Elon Musk has bought Twitter with the aim of making it profitable and eliminating the ideological bias that permeated the social network. He claims that he will promote free speech regardless of ideology and has invited his opponents to stay on the platform.

Although Donald Trump has announced his desire to stay away from Twitter, it would not be surprising if, once he enters the 2024 election campaign, he decides to return to the network that catapulted his political career and kept him in the public eye during his controversial presidency.

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