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Will Witt on How Newsom’s ‘Tyranny’ in California Led Thousands to Flee the Golden State

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Conservative personality Will Witt referred to the policies enacted by the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom. In a conversation with Orlando Avendaño, co-Editor-in-Chief of El American, Witt argued that there are various reasons why thousands of people have decided to move out of the state, but he highlighted that it has mainly been because of seeing how other states are free, while California remains closed in 2021.

“There are many reasons. But, probably today, in 2021, it’s the state shutting down. People are sick and tired of seeing people in other states, free, while we remain locked down, while other free places are already open,” said Witt.

He also called the Newsom administration a “tyranny.” Additionally, he emphasized that the measures taken by the Democratic governor have been enacted to encourage citizens to make little effort and to be content with whatever the government gives them. He also compared California with other states and pointed out that Democrat policies are feeding destitution among Californians.

Will Witt’s interview with El American.

“They give them handouts. They incentivize people to be homeless. They let them stay in empty houses. Homelessness is going down across the country, but it’s rising in California. Half of the nation’s homeless actually live in California.”

Will Witt asks for free states like Texas and Florida

He also maintained that all Democrats are working together to make the lives of Americans worse. Meanwhile, he said, other states like Florida or Texas are free. He described these states as places where citizens can get on with their lives.

For example, he noted that in Florida, Americans live better and pointed out that everyone should move there. He also compared the measures taken by Republican governors and those taken by Democrats.

Will Witt - Gavin Newsom - California - El American
Will Witt crticized the governor Gavin Newsom’s policies for the crisis EFE/EPA/Irfan Khan / POOL

Finally, he stressed the importance of citizens having incentives to decide to progress and make a living in a place. “Taxes, lockdowns, and other regulations in California – who would want to start a business here?”

California is among the states that remain shut down because of the pandemic. This, while other states such as Florida and Texas have already opened their economy as COVID vaccines progressed. Likewise, the Democratic governor has promoted economic measures, mainly on taxes, which have been criticized by Americans.

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