Winter Storm Advances Toward East Coast

Winter Storm Advances Toward East Coast

“There’s really no respite for some of the misery that people are feeling in that area,”

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A second winter storm rages in the United States, according to the National Weather Service. The winter wave, which over the weekend hit the southern states of the country, began to move Thursday towards the northeast of the nation, first affecting areas of Maryland and Virginia, before reaching Washington D. C.

More than 100 million people living in covered areas remain on winter weather alert. The passage of the first storm led to power outages and four tornadoes, according to Atlanta-based weather.com.

The wintry weather, which overwhelmed unprepared power grids and has left millions without electricity, maintained its grip on the nation’s midsection Wednesday.

At least 25 people have died, some as they struggled to find warmth inside their homes.

Utilities from Minnesota to Texas and Mississippi have implemented rolling blackouts to ease the load on power grids, which are struggling to meet extreme demand for heat and electricity as record low temperatures were reported in city after city.

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Snow and cold weather covered North Texas for a fourth day in a row (EFE)

Power outages in Mexico on Tuesday blanketed more than a third of the country after storms in Texas affected imported natural gas supplies.

The latest storm front was forecast to bring both snow and ice to eastern Texas, Arkansas and the Lower Mississippi Valley before moving northeast on Thursday. Winter storm warnings were in effect from Baltimore to Boston, and Texas braced for more freezing rain and possibly more snow.

“There’s really no respite for some of the misery that people are feeling in that area,” said Bob Oravec, senior forecaster for the National Weather Service.

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