Wisconsin Massacre and Rittenhouse Trial Expose the Mainstream Media’s Racism

The attack that has left the city of Waukesha in mourning has been treated by the progressive press as a minor incident in which an apparently “driverless” vehicle killed 5 people

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If I had never set foot in the United States and spent a whole day watching CNN, or reading The New York Times and The Washington Post, I would probably be afraid to travel to New York or Washington. According to what you can read and see in these media, the country is still living in the 19th or 20th century, with whites enslaving blacks, segregation laws, and a huge hatred between the different communities that make life in the American territory.

Seeing the reality portrayed daily by the progressive media and going out on the street is like being in two completely different parallel universes, if I were guided by what is published today, I would be afraid to talk to my black neighbors, and I would never go to eat at the Korean restaurant that is two blocks from my apartment and that I visit twice a week; but fortunately, for my peace of mind and that of my neighbors, American cities are much nicer places than CNN journalists would like.

In the building where I live in downtown Miami there are residents of all races and backgrounds, I constantly come across blacks, Asians, Hispanics, whites, members of the LGBT, fat, tall, and I have never seen or had any kind of problem with my neighbors, contrary to what the press tries to sell us, I have very nice black neighbors, very helpful white Europeans, and there is no discrimination whatsoever.

However, it is important to ask ourselves, why is the leftist media trying to make us hate each other?

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Segregation as a political weapon

In all countries where socialist policies have been applied, it has been necessary to divide society into oppressed and oppressors, to segregate the population, and thus build the narrative on which electoral campaigns are oiled, and the United States is no exception.

The Democratic Party—the same party that in the past defended slavery and fought a war of secession against Republicans to protect what they considered “their right” to enslave blacks—is now fighting a battle against whites, whom they constantly brand as supremacists, terrorists, among other pejorative distinctions.

Naturally, the strategy of the leftist party is to keep blacks, Hispanics and other minorities as a “discriminated” group that needs the help of the government to survive in order to tie up those votes and continue expanding their socialist policies in the nation. It is a system of incentives in which politicians offer “benefits” to unproductive citizens, who pay with the money of the people who produce, in order to cling to power — it is a vicious circle that never ends and can only get worse and worse.

It is precisely for this reason that you will never see a headline in the progressive media that accurately reports on things that may happen in the country because for them the truth is not absolute, it is malleable, and reality is what they are in charge of capturing and reproducing in the brains of millions of people.

The coverage of the Kyle Rittenhouse case, and that of Darrel Brooks, the Black American who murdered at least 5 people and injured more than 40 at a parade in Wisconsin, are a couple of tangible examples of how the progressive media tries to manipulate the truth to segregate the population.

Presentador de Telemundo desinforma a su audiencia sobre el caso de Kyle Rittenhouse
Screenshot (Telemundo)

White supremacist Kyle Rittenhouse and terrorist van in Wisconsin massacre

Imagine the scene: thousands of black people are walking down the street of any American city in a parade to celebrate Christmas when suddenly a white man appears with a pickup truck and starts running them over leaving more than 40 injured and several dead; Surely because of the race of the subject the first words we would find in any headline of the progressive press would be “terrorism”, “white supremacist”, “racist attack”, and of course “member of the extreme right”; however, this time it was not a white man ramming black people, it was a black man ramming white people and people of other races.

The massive attack that has left many families in mourning in Waukesha has been treated by the progressive press as a small incident in which an apparently “driverless” vehicle accidentally killed 5 people.

CNN for example headlined: At least 5 killed after SUV plows into Wisconsin holiday parade.

The San Diego Tribune headlined: Waukesha, Wisconsin police chief says there are “some dead” after a pickup truck rammed a parade.

The Los Angeles Times wrote: USA: Pickup truck rams Christmas parade; ‘some dead’.

And so, mysteriously, we learn that it was a pickup truck and not a black man who went out of control and killed and injured more than a score of people; while last week we repeatedly saw that same leftist press attack Rittenhouse for acting in self-defense and killing those who tried to assault him in the midst of the Kenosha protests.

Of course, Kyle’s white skin was labeled for months as a “white supremacist”, “terrorist”, and other adjectives, however, when a black man decides to mercilessly murder innocent people at a Christmas parade, things change, this time it was just a truck that got out of control.

El hombre que mató a 5 personas e hirió a 48 personas en el desfile de Waukesha tiene un largo historial criminal y es abusador sexual
Darrel Brooks (El American)

Fighting the labels

The leftist media and the Democratic Party itself have been in charge of transmitting the idea that the United States is a racist country, and it certainly seems that way lately. A part of the population, the one that identifies with progressivism, keeps categorizing whites as serial terrorists, and blacks as poor oppressed victims who need the government to survive, and clearly, neither of those two sentences are true; and people are beginning to understand it, this is why CNN’s audience numbers are down, and the Democrats lost ground in the last elections in states they have traditionally controlled.

If you are reading this article do yourself and me a favor, share, help spread the word, and don’t let the media divide us. Talk to your neighbors, and your friends at work, let’s end this senseless segregation and make that group of malicious media and activists understand that they will not be able to continue manipulating people and cultivating hate in society to push their political agenda.

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