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Woke Activists Force Minneapolis Theater to Cancel Dave Chappelle’s Stand Up

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Dave Chappelle’s stand-up scheduled last night in Minneapolis was canceled hours before by the theater where it was to be held due to trans jokes that the artist made in 2021.

The venue hosting Chapelle’s show, First Avenue, suffered great pressure on social networks and even promoted an initiative on the Change.org platform to stop the comedian’s performance, as it finally happened despite having sold all the tickets.

“To staff, artists and our community, we hear you and we are sorry (…) We know we must hold ourselves to the highest standards and we know we have let you down,” a statement in First Avenue’s official Instagram profile.

However, to the regret of woke activists, Chappelle’s show was finally held at Varsity Theatre, another major Minneapolis venue, where tickets for the show on First Avenue could be used.

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