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Woke Ideology is ‘One of the Biggest Threats’ to the United States: Ben Carson

Carson, El American

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The Student Action Summit (SAS) 2022 of the organization Turning Point USA began this Friday in Tampa, Florida. Conservative neurosurgeon, author and politician Ben Carson gave a speech in defense of free speech, which he believes is “under fire” in the form of political correctness.

Carson considers left-wing woke ideology to be “one of the biggest threats” facing the United States, given that freedom of speech is “a big part” of the so-called American dream. “We are the destination place that everybody wants to come to,” he said.

The conservative described as “ridiculous” the left’s argument that the United States is a “systematically racist” country, and said that “diversity is our advantage.” However, Carson said, the COVID-19 pandemic opened the door to deepen the indoctrination of children in American schools.

“We have people teaching out kids that there’s something evil about America because slavery,” Carson told the audience. “If there is something unique about America and slavery is that we had so many people commited against it that we were able to fight a bloody civil war to eradicate it.”

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The physician and politician emphasized that, even then, Americans knew that “the only thing that would save us was us, we the people, armed with the Constitution,” and insisted that “we cannot let that be changed.”

The antidote to such anti-American ideologies, according to Carson, is education and the citizenry’s willingness to elect better leaders. “Our leadership doesn’t understand economics and how things work,” he said. “Either they don’t undersand it or they are intentionally creating damage.”

For that reason, he stressed the importance of voting and actively participating in political activity.