Ataque woke: presentan nuevo Superman bisexual en cómic de DC

Bisexual Superman Presented in Latest DC Comic Book

The superheroes of the childhood of millions of children have undergone major changes motivated by the woke culture.

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The woke culture continues to change the childhood idols of millions of children to introduce their sexual and racial complexes and political agendas; now it is the turn of Superman, who will be bisexual in the new issue of DC comics to be published on November 9, the publisher announced on Monday in a statement.

Jon Kent, who is the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, will be the character behind Superman’s identity, which has now been reconverted into bisexual.

DC Comics detailed that, like his father, Jon Kent is also a reporter, and explained that this character strikes up a friendship with a fellow journalist named Jay Nakamura with whom he will later begin a romantic relationship.

The publisher shared an image online showing Kent and Nakamura kissing.

Under the title “Superman: Son of Kal-El #5”, this comic is signed by screenwriter Tom Taylor and cartoonist John Timms and is part of DC’s commitment to the multiverse, a narrative framework in which different superheroes and villains coexist in different worlds, plots and temporal realities.

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