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Dr. Rodríguez Navarrete Slams the World Economic Forum for its Radical ‘Green’ Agenda: They Want You to Stop Eating Meat

Foro Económico Mundial quiere que dejemos de comer carne: Rodríguez Navarrete

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FARMERS in the Netherlands have revolted against 2030 Agenda policies that seek to end their right to work. Hundreds of protesters have created freedom convoys against the government’s environmentalist rules.

Given such a situation, El American’s Editor-at-large Emmanuel Rincón spoke with Guillermo Rodríguez Navarrete, Ph.D. in nutrition, about the “2030 Agenda“, farmers’ protests in the Netherlands, the war against meat and traditional food, among other topics.

Farmers block the distribution center of the Jumbo supermarket in Veghel, The Netherlands, 04 July 2022. The farmers’ protest is directed against the cabinet’s nitrogen plans. (Protests, Netherlands; Netherlands)

For Rodríguez Navarrete, the demonstrations are to let the citizens produce and work. He stressed that it is a way to stand up against what he described as “globalism.” “The world is at war. It is a silent war and it is not of countries against countries, but of a few against many for the control of many things and all around that 2030 Agenda, which has been known as globalism,” he said.

Protests in the Netherlands: interview with Guillermo Rodríguez Navarrete

The agenda facing the Netherlands and the rest of the world

He argued that one part of the globalist agenda is food and stressed the need for citizens to get involved in politics because, he insisted, the decisions and policies that governments promote will affect people’s lives in some way.

“People are a bit annoyed when I talk about politics because they think I should only talk about nutrition. But my mission is also to say that they are not eating tuna because the government is making policy to get them to eat something else. So, I have to talk about politics because if there is a side that promotes food insecurity, I go against that side,” he said.

The nutrition expert explained that some world leaders promote citizens not to eat meat and veganism because of alleged animal cruelty, but in the end they have other interests because in reality, in his opinion, they do not care about the welfare of people. Moreover, he considers that the solution is to promote eating vegetables, but without closing farms. “These people don’t care about the planet, they are fighting for an agenda,” he said.

 People during a march through the center of Eindhoven of protest movement Samen voor Nederland (Together for The Netherlands), 03 July 2022. The march is organized in solidarity with the farmers who oppose the government's nitrogen policy, many wore a farmer's handkerchief.
People during a march through the center of Eindhoven of protest movement Samen voor Nederland (Together for The Netherlands), 03 July 2022. The march is organized in solidarity with the farmers who oppose the government’s nitrogen policy, many wore a farmer’s handkerchief. (EFE)

“The president of the World Economic Forum has told us what he wants, and what he wants is for us to stop eating meat,” he insisted.

He explained that 8.8 out of 10 Americans are metabolically ill. He assured that what has changed in the last 100 years is that citizens have “begun to consume an excess of vegetables, legumes and cereals full of Glyphosate.”

“They want to close farms and it is to that tyranny that the Dutch have risen up. Not only are they saying that meat is bad for health, which is a lie, but they are also saying it is bad for the planet, which is also a lie. Cows have been around all their lives and they contribute to nature.”

The hypocrisy of politicians

Rodríguez Navarrete also had words for the mayor of New York, Democrat Eric Adams, who promoted a veganism program in public schools every Friday. Adams had written a book on the subject and tried to promote his practice, however, the mayor was exposed after the waiter of one of his favorite restaurants denounced that he constantly served him fish for dinner: “We are talking about a bunch of cynics who are favoring a giant industry while the people behind this continue to buy farmland,” said the nutritionist.

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