The World Is Finally Pushing Back Against Draconian COVID Mandates

Cancel Culture did not advance this time. Why? Because the world is changing and people are waking up

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Bad news for progressives: the world is changing and people are waking up. It has been two years into the pandemic and governments were convinced they could continue to subjugate people, forcing them to live in a restricted world with no freedoms. Well, no more. 

Hundreds of thousands of people are rising up all over the world against the irrational measures of the vaccine and mask mandates, or the never-ending booster shots. Look at Europe: Austria, Germany and Spain woke up. But, above all, look at Canada: the convoy of truckers for freedom, who took to the streets against the COVID policies of Justin Trudeau’s progressive government, began to win its first victories. The Alberta government announced the end of the sanitary pass. 

And in the United Kingdom and Denmark the pandemic is also over. The governments of both countries announced that COVID-19 is no longer a risk, so it is time to return to normality.

In the struggle between sanitary authoritarianism and freedom, the latter is prevailing. They tried to subjugate us. They distorted the data and limited our information, in order to scare us. So that we would voluntarily bow our heads and run for the care of politicians and bureaucrats. They magnified the risks, overstated the threat and pandered to those responsible. But it did them no good. They have not been able, nor will they ever be able, to impose their global authoritarianism.

I am not just talking about the pandemic. The world is waking up, look at the case of Joe Rogan. The world’s most successful and most listened podcaster, he is uncomfortable for the progressive elites. That’s a very good sign. For not sticking to their script of what’s good and what’s not, they now want to cancel him. Even the White House, in the voice of its spokesperson Psaki, asked Spotify to censor it. Imagine that! That’s outrageous: the White House asking a private company to censor its big star for his opinions.

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Spotify sided with Joe Rogan. Let whoever wants to cry foul, the podcaster will continue to broadcast his show. His podcast, which gives space to all opinions and positions, will continue to be listened to by millions of people.

Cancel Culture did not advance this time. Why? Because the world is changing and people are waking up. Those who are with authoritarianism and censorship will be marginalized by the zeitgeist of this age, which is rabidly libertarian.

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