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VIDEO: Pope Francis Celebrates ‘Relationship’ with Cuban Dictator Raul Castro Despite Human Rights Violations, Massive Protests

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Pope Francis confessed that he maintains a “human relationship” with Cuba’s former guerrilla and communist dictator Raúl Castro, saying he was “happy” with the agreements that the Cuban regime reached with the United States during the administration of Barack Obama.

In an interview with Univision’s Maria Antonieta Collins, the Pope spoke about the protests against the dictatorship of Miguel Diaz-Canel, heir of the Castro brothers, which took place on July 11, 2021, shaking the island, and leaving thousands of people detained.

“I love the Cuban people very much; I love them very much,” the pope said. “I had good human relations with Cuban people, and I also confess that with Raul Castro, I have a human relationship. I was happy when that small agreement was reached with the United States that President Obama wanted it at the time, and Raul Castro accepted it, and it was a good step forward, but that stopped now.”

A communist pope?

The leader of the Catholic Church referred to Cuba as a “symbol” to which he feels “very close” and affirmed that the dictatorship is currently holding “probing dialogues” with the United States in search of “shortening distances” in their relations.

When asked his opinion about those accusing him of being a communist, Francis blamed the media for being “fanatical” and said such accusations are “outdated.”

“Certain groups of very fanatical media outlets that dedicate themselves to brainwash the way of thinking of people,” Francis responded. “When they accuse me of being a communist, I say: ‘How outdated this is.’ Those accusations have already gone; I see them as outdated. They are being made by small fanatical groups,” he continued.

Pope Francis has been accused for years of holding extreme left-wing positions, including allegations of being Marxist due to his criticisms of capitalism and his calling for radical economic reforms.

When questioned on the matter in 2014, Francis said that the Communists have “stolen the flag” of Christianity and justified himself by saying that “poverty is at the heart of the Gospel.”

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