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Should the West be Forced to Accept Traditions of Muslim Migrants?: You Have a Point

You Have a Point: el presidente de Perú y su Gabinete ligado a la dictadura cubana

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This new episode of You Have a Point, where Vanessa Vallejo, Vianca Rodriguez, and Mariela Palma address issues that bother the woke culture, focused on the situation in Afghanistan. They talked about the Afghan refugees that will be received by different countries before arriving in the United States, and about the bad decisions made by Joe Biden that have caused a crisis in the Middle East.

You Have a Point: How will the Afghanistan crisis affect other countries?

In this regard, Vianca Rodriguez explained that Biden had announced that the evacuation would be extended until all Americans were removed from Afghanistan. However, she recalled that the Taliban leader said that the deadline was August 31, so Biden changed his tune and affirmed that they would evacuate all citizens before that date.

“The president is submissive. Already, the Taliban made it clear that they were not going to allow the Aug. 31 date to be extended. What he should have done was to get the Americans out first, and he didn’t do that,” Vianca stated.

You Have a Point and the cultural issue

For her part, Mariela Palma pointed out that other problems that would be generated by the situation in Afghanistan have not been considered. She pointed out that the great differences between Western and Middle Eastern cultures are being ignored.

“We see more and more that this is not a problem that stays in Afghanistan, this is going to cause problems in other countries,” she said.

Vanessa agreed with Mariela that beyond the economic issue, cultural issues must be considered. All this added to the fact that the United States says it will take care of the Afghan refugees, but in reality, there is no guarantee of this.

“I am a little concerned about the economic issue because in countries like Colombia the refugees will not be able to work, and they are people who will have to wait for months for the United States to give them an answer whether they will be granted asylum or not,” Vanessa commented.

She also stressed that it is necessary for Western values to prevail despite the arrival of people with a different culture and questioned why feminists criticize Western women for their culture but allow Middle Eastern upbringing to denigrate women.

“When feminists see models in bathing suits they want to cancel them, but when they see women going out on the street completely covered up they say let them because that is their choice.”

¿Cómo afectará la crisis de Afganistán a otros países?: You Have a Point
In You Have a Point the treatment of women in Taliban culture was discussed. (EFE)

She added that “If you are going to receive people from other cultures, you have to make it clear to them that the culture here is different and that they have to adapt to it.”

In the same vein, Mariela wondered: “Why if we go to Muslim countries and have to respect their laws, they cannot respect ours.”

Vianca agreed with Vanessa and Mariela, and argued that a line must be drawn to respect Western culture. This is always with the understanding that countries in the West want to help Afghans.

“Obviously we want to help Afghans, but we also have to understand that among us there are cultural differences. We have to make sure we draw lines where no one attacks anyone.”


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