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You Have a Point: Cultural Totalitarianism Is Being Imposed in the West

You Have a Point

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El American launched a new show: You Have a Point, hosted by Vanessa Vallejo, editor in chief of El American, in which she talks with three friends, Daniela Carrasco, Vianca Rodríguez, and Mariela Palma, about the most discussed topics among the public opinion.

It is a conversation between friends that goes beyond politics. In this first episode they talked about different topics: the impulse of the left-wing agenda in culture, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s emails, the statements of the president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, about the origin of Mexicans and Brazilians, Joe Biden’s ranting during the G7 Summit and the elections in Peru.

You Have a Point: “Cultural totalitarianism is being imposed in the West”

The first topic they addressed was the advancement of the pro-green agenda and how a cancel culture is being promoted worldwide, but specifically in the West. For example, they told the story of Yeonmi Park — watch our interview of her — a refugee who managed to escape from the communist dictatorship of North Korea and arrived in the United States.

Vanessa Vallejo explained that one of the most difficult things for Park has been to see how the United States has been canceling issues like Kim Jong-un’s regime, from which he fled. Daniela Carrasco indicated that this is due to the growth of what she called “cultural totalitarianism.”

“A cultural totalitarianism has been imposed in the West. It seems that people are not thinking critically. They are imposing a way of thinking on us. They are not changing common sense,” Carrasco said.

Vianca Rodríguez, who also pointed out that those who promote these ideas are generally privileged people who do not really know what it means to live under progressive systems, agreed with this view. That is why they do not understand those who have lived through real inequality and have left their countries in search of places where the ideas of freedom are promoted.

“Honestly all the people I know who are leftists, they are the most privileged people I’ve been able to meet,” Vianca assured.

You Have a Point and Fauci’s e-mails

Regarding Dr. Anthony Fauci’s emails, which revealed the inconsistencies of the White House epidemic expert during the handling of the COVID pandemic, they recalled that Fauci wrote in them that masks do not protect against the virus, but that he still promoted the use of face masks in public. For them, this was a political and not a scientific measure.

In this sense, Vallejo indicated that Fauci insisted on discarding the version that the virus was created in a laboratory, while in the e-mails he assured that it was a possibility: “Fauci dedicated himself in the media to say that it was not a possibility that COVID-19 came out of a laboratory.”

Anthony Fauci - cultural totalitarianism - El American
En You Have a Point se habló sobre los correos de Fauci. (EFE)

They referred to the statements made by Alberto Fernández, President of Argentina, in which he said that “the Mexicans came from the Indians, the Brazilians came from the jungle, but we Argentines came from the ships that came from Europe.”

In response to the statements, Mariela Palma said that in the left it is common to find characters like Fernández. She stressed that it is foolish to make such comparisons; since in most countries there is a miscegenation that should leave aside such prejudices. Mariela also criticized Andrés Manuel López Obrador for being upset because the middle class did not vote for him.

Don’t forget, Wednesdays at 8:00 pm. ET Vanesa, Mariela, Vianca, and Daniela will be live on our YouTube channel and Facebook on You Have a Point talking about those issues that cultural totalitarianism is upset about.

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