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Radical Feminism Will Lead to the Deconstruction of Men: You Have a Point

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The closing episode of the first season of You Have a Point, a space in which Vanessa Vallejo, Vianca Rodríguez, Mariela Palma and Daniela Carrasco continue to address issues that bother the woke culture, focused on feminism and deconstruction.

Mariela Palma explained that for feminists being a mother is as if it were a disease or something negative when in reality it is something that makes many women feel good and self-fulfilling. “Feminists do not respect a woman’s life project,” said Palma.

Feminism and Male Deconstruction: You Have a Point

Vanessa pointed out that being a woman used to be associated primarily with being a mother, but now feminists want it to be associated with having the freedom and right to have an abortion. “They argue that having children is a problem and you should have the right to get out of it,” she added.

Vianca agreed with her, who assured that it is necessary for women to establish limits with respect to the demands made by feminists to supposedly fight against gender inequality. She argued that many times that translates into wanting to be above men.

“As women, how far do we have to go to be recognized in society? Feminazis take the fight for equality further, and many times they want to be above men,” Vianca commented. She also explained that true feminism is about mutual respect and recognizing that we can’t do everything on our own. Daniela agreed with Vianca on this idea and pointed out that feminists, in general, “try to denigrate anyone who does not agree with their political imaginary.”

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“In countries like Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Chile and even the United States, feminism is very radicalized, aiming at post-identitarian ideas (they deny women as political subjects),” Daniela pointed out.

You Have a Point feminism and deconstruction

Daniela added: “Feminism is essentially communist. It does not seek to equalize female conditions to male conditions, but to eliminate the political system because women are in a condition of oppression”.

Finally, they spoke about the deconstruction of masculinity and stressed that there are things that by nature cannot be changed. “There are things that are simply part of us. We are creating a society that means nothing, that everyone is nobody and that there is nothing that distinguishes us,” Vianca pointed out.

Next year, You Have A Point will be back with a second season where all the inconsistencies of the woke culture will be discussed. If you missed an episode, feel free to watch it on our YouTube channel, along with the rest of our content, and take the opportunity to subscribe.

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