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You Have A Point: Neo-Marxism Wants to Divide Society

You Have a Point, El American

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You Have a Point, a program hosted by Vanessa Vallejo, editor-in-chief of El American, continues to give people something to talk about. She continues to debate the issues that bother the woke culture. This week Vanessa returned to talk with her three friends, Daniela Carrasco, Vianca Rodriguez, and Mariela Palma.

This time, the program had its first interviewee, Agustín Laje, writer, Political Science graduate and Master in Philosophy. During this third edition, they talked about several topics. They highlighted: Donald Trump’s lawsuit against Big Tech, the advance of victimization and the pro-green agenda.

In that sense, Vanessa Vallejo explained that there is a group that is pushing the progre agenda and is now trying to enter schools through Critical Race Theory, which says that the United States is a racist country.

“There is a little group that has a lot of power and is very bullish that is entering the schools with Critical Race Theory,” Vanessa said.

Similarly, she stressed that what these progressive groups seek to do is to evade responsibility and therefore blame everyone for their misfortunes.

“With victimization, you lose responsibility, you can do anything, you make a mistake and it is never your fault, it is the patriarchy’s, capitalism’s, everybody’s, except yours,” she said.

Referring to this issue, Agustín Laje pointed out that nowadays anything is racist. In fact, he commented that it is absurd to label a person as racist simply for demanding someone to arrive early.

“It is now said that punctuality is racist because it comes from slavery, asking someone to be punctual is almost like calling him to be a slave,” said Laje.

you have a point
You Have a Point spoke about the censorship of Trump and the Big Tech lawsuit. (Image: EFE)

You Have a Point and censorship

Likewise, Laje took the opportunity to emphasize that, in his opinion, gender ideology is useless because it raises problems where there are none and does not solve the really important ones. However, he indicated that all this happens because there is a financing movement that promotes these ideas that in reality do not work.

In this sense, Daniela Carrasco explained that in the end the intention of the Marxist agenda is to divide the citizens. She highlighted that the way to achieve this is by deepening social problems.

“The only thing neo-Marxism wants is to deepen identity conflicts and divide society into men and women,” commented Daniela.

On the other hand, Mariela Palma commented on Amazon’s decision to remove from its platform the book by Agustín Laje: El libro negro de la nueva izquierda (The Black Book of the New Left). Palma argued that this is censorship of books.

“I have read books by Fidel Castro and not because I agree with him, but because I think you have to read everything. In that sense, it seems to me that there is censorship of books and even more so in a platform where people look for it because they want to read it,” Mariela said.

They also talked about former President Donald Trump’s decision to sue Big Tech for the censorship applied to him after the events of January 6 at the Capitol. Vianca Rodríguez pointed out that the First Amendment of the Constitution must be respected.

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