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YouTube Censors Rand Paul’s Interview with Conservative Radio Show

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Conservative radio host and political commentator Clay Travis denounced on his Twitter account on Monday that YouTube prevented the publication of an exclusive interview with Republican Senator Rand Paul that he did with his cohost, Buck Sexton, for his show.

Sexton posted a tweet denouncing YouTube’s censorship and releasing the transcript of Senator Paul’s interview.

Rand Paul, censored for questioning authorities.

In their conversation, the hosts argued with Senator Paul primarily about the lack of logic of vaccine mandates considering that the CDC admitted that the natural immunity provided by infection with COVID-19 offers greater protection than any of the vaccines.

Senator Paul, while expressing his distaste for federal mandates for both vaccination and compulsive use of masks, acknowledges that voluntary vaccines have been “overwhelmingly successful.”

However, the Republican believes that the federal government authorities are not taking into consideration the possible risks that the vaccine could have on young people between 5 and 18 years of age, in whom the danger of serious illness is, according to Paul’s data, much lower than that of adverse effects from vaccination.

“For a 18, 20-year-old male, the risk of a problem from the vaccine greatly exceeds any risk they have from the disease, and it’s really a crime against these children that prominent universities in our country are mandating something that is complete malpractice, as far as I’m concerned,” said Paul.

This is not the first time YouTube has censored content that calls into question the effectiveness of vaccines. Since last year, the platform owned by the giant Google has censored Senate videos exposing specialists’ testimonies about the adverse effects of immunization formulas, and on more than one occasion has censored governors, senators and House representatives.

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