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YouTube Censors Donald Trump’s Interview with Dan Bongino

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This Thursday, YouTube censored an interview of former President Donald Trump with Dan Bongino. The host’s production team issued a statement on its official page where it informed about the measure taken by the platform to knock down the video of the talks.

“Earlier today, Dan interviewed President Trump, who appeared on episode 1509 of The Dan Bongino Show,” the statement said.

On the show, “The two discussed the prospect of a 2024 presidential race, possible voter fraud in 2020 and Biden’s disastrous presidency, among other topics,” the release noted.

Also, Bongino’s team explained that the platform informed him that it was a policy move for “deceptive practices and scams.” However, the program considers that it is rather a way to censor the former president.

“But you haven’t heard any of the conversation on YouTube, which is apparently trying to justify its censorship under the guise of its ‘deceptive practices and scams’ policy, rather than its ‘we don’t like Trump’ policy,” he added.

In Trump’s interview with Dan Bongino they discussed a possible 2024 run. (Flickr)

Trump’s interview with Dan Bongino is on rumble

In the midst of constant censorship by Big Tech, new alternatives have emerged. Some conservatives migrate to Rumble, a platform that replaces YouTube after the censorship of politicians and authorities in the United States. On it you can already find the most recent Trump’s talk censored by YouTube, with the name “Ep. 1509 Interview with President Trump – The Dan Bongino Show.”

Recently, several conservatives have denounced censorship by Big Tech. In March, Lara Trump reported that Facebook censored an interview she did with the former president, who is also her father-in-law. In an email, the platform explained that any video with the voice of the Republican will be censored.

The Fox News contributor had published a fragment of the conversation in which she invited to watch the full video at night. The notification received by the family also specifies that the accounts that publish content of the former president could have other limitations.

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