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Zelenski Claims Putin Wants to Drown Ukraine in Russian Soldiers’ Blood

Zelenski asegura que Putin quiere ahogar a Ucrania en la sangre de soldados rusos

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Ukrainian President Volodymir Zelensky said in an interview published by the German newspaper “Bild” that Vladimir Putin wants to drown Ukraine in blood “but also in the blood of his own soldiers.”

“He wants to drown Ukraine in blood, but also in the blood of his own soldiers,” Zelenski said, commenting on the mobilization ordered by Putin, which, according to him, is not new.

“We already know that he has mobilized cadets, boys who did not know how to fight. They couldn’t even finish their training. All those people don’t know how to fight. Those cadets have fallen. They have come to die among us,” he assured.

According to Zelenski, the mobilization ordered by Russia shows that Putin has problems with his officers and other military personnel.

The announcement of the mobilization did not surprise Zelenski, who also says there is nothing new for him in it.

“I have all the information I need. The speech was nothing new for me… Our secret services and our allies have already said it. The mobilization has been done for the whole of the last month,” he said.

“He is seeing his units simply running out. He needs an army of millions because he sees that many of those who have come have run away,” he added.

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