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Zelensky Applies for Urgent Procedure for Ukraine’s NATO Membership

Zelenski anuncia que solicitará por el procedimiento de urgencia el ingreso de Ucrania en la OTAN

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Friday signed an application for Ukraine to be admitted to NATO under the emergency procedure.

“We took a decisive step by signing Ukraine’s application for accelerated accession to NATO,” the president reported via his Telegram account, after Russian President Vladimir Putin today signed the annexation of Moscow-controlled Ukrainian territories to Russia.

Zelensky noted that “de facto” Ukraine is already on its way to becoming a member of the Atlantic Alliance and has demonstrated its “compatibility” with its military standards, which are “real” for Kiev both on the battlefield and in interaction with its allies.

“There is mutual trust, we help each other and protect each other. This is the alliance,” he said.

In view of this, Ukraine will submit its application this Friday to make its membership a “de jure” reality as well, in a process “consistent” with Kyiv’s value in protecting its partners and by the emergency procedure.

Zelensky met with the National Security Council on Friday, on a day when Putin signed annexation treaties with the four partially occupied Ukrainian regions of Zaporizhia, Kherson, Donetsk and Lugansk, which account for about 15% of Ukraine’s area.

The Kremlin’s move comes after referendums not recognized by the international community were held in these territories between September 23 and 27.

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