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Zelensky Complains to NATO: ‘We Still Haven’t Received a Single Plane’

Zelenski a la OTAN: "Ucrania les pide aviones para que no perdamos a tanta gente y todavía no hemos recibido un solo avión"

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Thursday called on the leaders of NATO countries to offer Kyiv “unlimited military aid,” and specifically to deliver planes and tanks to the Ukrainians because “it is a matter of life and death.”

“Ukraine asks them for planes so that we don’t lose so many people, and we have not yet received a single plane (…). We ask for tanks to defend our cities (…). They have at least 25,000 tanks. Ukraine is asking for only 500,” Zelensky said in his speech via videoconference at the NATO summit being held in Brussels.

After a month of resistance against the Russian invasion, the Ukrainian president said he has received “no response” to his requests.

Zelensky insisted that his country needs “military support without limitations” because “it is a matter of life and death” and recalled that Russian forces “have destroyed all residential houses, hospitals, bridges.”

“I don’t want to blame NATO. I understand that it is not you who are shelling Ukraine. I just want to know that the Alliance can still prevent Ukrainian deaths from Russia’s invasion,” he concluded.

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