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Zelensky Sends Message to Russians: If You Come to Kill, You Won’t Get Out Alive

Zelenski envía un mensaje a los rusos: Si vienes a matar no saldrás con vida

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The president of Ukraine, Volodymir Zelensky, has addressed the Russians again tonight, to whom after treating them as “comrades”, he has assured them: if you come to kill you will not leave alive.

“If you come to take the lives of our children – I will tell you as a father – we will not let you go alive,” he has told them this Sunday in Russian in his usual evening speech.

Zelensky has again insisted that those mobilized by Russia have several ways out: avoid mobilization, flee or surrender to the Ukrainians at the first opportunity.

“The more citizens of the Russian Federation at least try to protect their own lives, the sooner this criminal war of Russia against the Ukrainian people will end,” the Ukrainian president assured.

Zelensky used tonight’s speech to welcome the fact that the Ukrainian state structures are “fully” functioning in all areas: medical, social, legal assistance: treatment, rehabilitation, restoration of documents, bank cards, housing, etc.

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