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Zelensky Denounces Western Leaders’ Weak Actions Against Russia

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky today denounced the unfulfilled promises of the West to defend Ukraine from the military offensive launched by Russia thirteen days ago.

“We have been listening to promises for thirteen days, thirteen days they are telling us that there will be help in the sky, that there will be planes, that they will give them to us,” Zelensky noted in a new video message posted on his office’s Telegram account.

“The blame for every death, for every person in Ukraine from airstrikes and blockaded cities is, of course, on the Russian state, on the Russian army. Of those who give and execute criminal orders. From those who violate all the rules of war and those who deliberately destroy the Ukrainian people,” he stated.

“The fault lies with the occupiers, but the responsibility for this also lies with those who, somewhere in the West, for thirteen days in some office, obviously have not been able to make a necessary decision,” Zelensky explained.

The responsibility is also “of those who have not yet secured the Ukrainian sky (to protect us) from the Russian murderers and did not save our cities from airstrikes, bombs, missiles (…),” he emphasized.

The Ukrainian president stressed that hundreds of thousands of people in the country’s cities are on the threshold of life or death, “literally, and not as politicians pay lip service to when they refer to the supply of fighter jets to Ukraine.”

“Missile defense is vital—it is vital!” exclaimed the president, who announced that he will make “an appeal directly to the citizens of the world if the international leaders do not make every effort to stop this war.”

Zelensky explained that there are talks with leaders and parliamentarians around the world who “know how to help Ukraine”, but that “there are things that cannot be decided in negotiations, that do not depend directly on us, but on humanity, which must win in important capitals.”

“Then—Zelensky added—we will see a sky over Ukraine safe and the cities unblocked (…) We can do it together as people of the world, and if the world stays on the sidelines, it will be lost forever,” he insisted.

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