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More Than 100,000 Russian Soldiers Killed in War, Ukraine Says

Más de 100.000 soldados rusos muertos en la guerra, según Ucrania, EFE

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Russia has already lost more than 100,000 soldiers since it began its invasion of Ukraine on February 24, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces said Thursday.

According to these data, which cannot be verified by an independent source, the Russians have also lost some 3,000 tanks and 283 aircraft in the conflict with the neighboring country.

On its Facebook profile, the Ukrainian General Staff makes an estimate of what it calls “total combat losses of Russian forces between February 24 and December 22.”

In addition to the military personnel killed, the Russians have left a total of 5,981 armored combat vehicles on the front lines and have also lost 1,978 artillery systems.

The Ukrainians, according to this information, have also managed to neutralize 413 multiple-launch rocket systems, 212 air defense systems, 283 fixed-wing aircraft and 267 helicopters.

As for unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), with which Russia has attacked Ukrainian strategic infrastructure in recent weeks, Moscow has lost 1,693 units in its attacks.

The Ukrainian Army specified that the Russians have lost in their various offensives 653 cruise missiles and a total of 16 ships, in addition to 4,615 vehicles and tankers, among other military equipment.