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About Us

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El American is a bilingual digital media platform focused on providing information, opinion, analysis and good journalism to the fastest growing audience in the United States: Hispanics.

In a landscape dominated by left-wing, biased and unprincipled media, El American emerges as an attractive alternative for all Hispanics completely orphaned of reliable information and framed in an openly honest editorial line: we believe in freedom.

Thanks to the conjugation of a group of the best journalists and analysts in the United States and Iberoamerica, El American offers what no other media is offering at this time. The lineup of journalists guarantees top-notch reporting, in-depth analysis, investigative reporting and intense debate. It is not only a group of prolific writers and anchors, but of intellectuals with extensive experience.

Many of our journalists have lived through the misery and terror caused by socialism in their home countries, and found freedom and possibilities in the United States to pursue their future. 

We know that this country is the last bastion of freedom and we do not want to lose it. We know that socialism brings material and moral misery and we want to alert Hispanic Americans to what can happen if Democratic extremism continues to advance its agenda. We understand that information is power, that the media has the power to change the future of a country, and that is why El American has come to defend freedom.

Statement of Principles

El American has as its pillar the defense of freedom. We base all our work on this notion. We enjoy the privilege of being fully independent, so our editorial line is autonomous, without compromise. This allows us to operate with complete freedom, simply by sticking to our principles.

We explicitly defend individual freedom, the free market, the defense of private property and the right of each individual to pursue happiness. 

As a media platform, which understands very well the exercise of journalism, we know that we must be a space for discussion and debate. We aspire to be the quarry that brings together all the voices that, like us, share an indomitable love for freedom. Our enemies are the totalitarians, the socialists, those who want to put an end to the prosperity and freedom of this country.

We are responsible with the information we publish and we guarantee that each article goes through a rigorous process of data verification, to avoid the dissemination of fake news. We do investigative journalism, reporting, and we understand very well that this implies being excessively inflexible and severe with the facts. 

Truth is the starting point for all our coverage. Over truth, like a sculptor working on marble, we chisel the information to make it as digestible and detailed as possible for our audience.

Journalism is flooded by radical leftists and enemies of freedom whose commitment is not to truth but to the political agenda they want to push. At El American we have a commitment, frank and open, to report the truth, to bring to every Hispanic American that information that is not available in any other media because it does not suit the enemies of freedom. Our commitment is truth, the defense of freedom and the values that have made America great.