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Airports Trying to Restore Normalcy after Chaotic Day

Aeropuertos intentan volver a la normalidad tras jornada caótica, EFE

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U.S. airports are trying to get back to normal Thursday after a chaotic day in which more than 10,000 flights were canceled or delayed due to a computer problem that is under investigation.

According to data from FlightAware, at least 91 flights were canceled on Thursday and some 814 flights are being delayed.

Still significant numbers, but a far cry from the 9,200 flights delayed on Wednesday and more than 1,300 canceled due to the failure of the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) notification system.

In its latest statement issued Wednesday afternoon, the FAA explained that the failure was likely due to a corrupted database file.

“The FAA continues to run a detailed analysis to determine the root cause of the system failure,” he said.

At around 07.25 local time on Wednesday (12.25 GMT) the FAA ordered to postpone U.S. domestic flight departures until 09.00 (14.00 GMT) due to a failure in the said system, which provides essential information to personnel involved in flight operations and warns in real time about anomalous conditions in the U.S. aerospace system.

U.S. President Joe Biden on Wednesday ordered a full investigation by the Department of Transportation to find out the causes of the breakdown. According to the White House, there are no indications that it was caused by a cyberattack.

Wednesday was the first time since the September 11, 2001 attacks that the country’s authorities banned domestic flight departures.

This air chaos has taken place just two weeks after winter storm Elliot also caused the cancellation of thousands of flights on Christmas Eve.