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Ben Shapiro on Twitter Files: ‘The Election was Rigged, Not Stolen’

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Matt Taibbi’s publication of the Twitter Files virtually blew up social media. According to the contents of the thread, Twitter’s middle management took care of censoring Hunter Biden’s laptop story without Jack Dorsey’s knowledge. Days after this information came to light, Ben Shapiro responded.

The popular conservative commentator dedicated an entire program to the issue and did not hesitate to talk about the 2020 presidential elections. Although he did not openly state that the result would have been different had the censorship not occurred, he indicated that “the election was rigged, not stolen.”

“The election was rigged, well rigged, again is different than stolen. Stolen is where somebody actually loads The Ballot Box filled with all sorts of false ballots or they take a bunch of good ballots and they throw them in the river or something rigged means that all of the factors in the election are corruptly changed in order to prevent the election of one candidate or another,” commented The Ben Shapiro Show host.  

“When you have social media making an overt effort to aid one candidate at the expense of another candidate, that obviously is part of rigging the game,” he added.

Taibbi’s revelations showed a fairly cozy relationship between average Twitter employees and the Democratic Party, although, as the journalist himself made clear, “there’s no evidence – that I’ve seen – of any government involvement in the laptop story.”

However, The Daily Wire’s editor emeritus went further, writing that while his role was more “subtle,” and that “the FBI achieved its goal of suppressing the Biden story.”

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In addition, Shapiro hit back at journalists and communicators who have downplayed the Twitter Files. “It is, in fact, a big story when Twitter is working with the Democratic Party in order to shut down major stories damaging their candidate just before an election at the vague behest of the FBI like that,” he said.

Shapiro on Trump and the Constitution

Once he finished addressing the Twitter Files issue, Shapiro touched on former President Trump’s recent comments about the Constitution, “So you can see why President Trump is pissed. He should be. The election was undoubtedly affected by suppression of a story damaging to his opponent.”

“But Trump’s next move – calling for a suspension of the Constitution – is a perfect example of jumping on a rake with both feet. It allowed the Democrats and the media to avoid the #TwitterFiles story entirely by redirecting to Trump’s spoken authoritarianism. The Sunday shows were entirely Democrat-media activists smacking around Republicans about Trump’s comments,” Shapiro added on his Twitter account.

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