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Best Memes of the Week: Keep Sam Brinton Away from the Nuclear Briefcase

Los mejores memes de la semana: mantengan a Sam Brinton lejos del maletín nuclear, El American

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Sam Brinton, who was appointed by Biden as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition at the Office of Nuclear Energy, has had to step down after being indicted and arrested for stealing women’s luggage from as many as two airports.

Best memes about Sam Brinton

We all thought that the designation to an important public office of a non-binary man who dressed as a woman, flaunted his sadomasochistic fetishism, and showed pictures on social media of leashed sex slaves disguised as dogs couldn’t get any more bizarre. But it did.

The Democrats have outdone themselves and made reality a little crazier. It is disturbing to learn that someone with responsibility in the nuclear field, has shown an unhealthy fondness for other people’s suitcases.

Although Sam Brinton has already stepped down – or has been persuaded to do so – it is enlightening to compare the fanfare surrounding his appointment with how unnoticed his removal is going unnoticed.

In the best memes of the week, we do not want this pioneer public servant to fall into oblivion, as happens to so many poor suitcases lost in the airport belts, and we have made this collection of memes about his case.

Best memes of the week: keep Sam Brinton away from the nuclear briefcase
Source: Dumbass Photoshop
best memes brinton momoa
Source: Dumbass Photoshop
best memes sam brinton santa
“Christmas canceled after Sam Brinton steals Santa’s sack.” Source: The Babylon Bee
best memes brinton carey
Source: Silent Memejority
best memes sam brinton 5 min
Source: The Daily Wire
best memes sam brinton padme
Source: Ragged Old Memes
best memes brinton party
Source: Ragged Old Memes
best memes brinton airports
Source: The Right to Bear Memes

Other top memes of the week

Sam Bankman-Fried, Zelensky, the Qatar World Cup, and feminism also make their way into the section this week.

best memes sbf branco
ource: Branco
best memes democrats be like
Source: Libs
best memes Zelensky
Source: The Babylon Bee
“Capitalism / Communism / Young man entering college / young man with his first job.”
best memes chihuahua
“When you learn three words in Spanish.”
best memes messi
“Disney preparing Messi’s documentary”
best memes hollywood
“Hi, I’m a famous Hollywood actress and I’m here to educate you about how you are much more privileged than me for being a man.”
best memes feminism
Source: ignaciomgm

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