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Best Memes of the Week: Kneel Down or You’re Canceled

Los mejores memes de la semana: arrodíllate o te cancelo, EFE

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The best memes of the week focus on the new trans show the media has put on. Democrats have thrown themselves into the arms of transgender tiktoker Dylan Mulvaney, but they don’t seem to have given him as thorough a background check as the one demanded for gun purchases.

If someone claims to feel like a woman it’s enough to make one have to accept it without complaint for fear of being cancelled or worse, but it seems that the Democrats have decided to elevate him to the altars of fame without questioning whether he is simply an attention-seeking character.

Best Memes of the Week: Kneel Down or You're Canceled
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best memes bulge
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best memes esg
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best memes barrymore ET
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best memes woke culture
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best memes pronouns
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The best memes about Trump’s arrest

This week we have also experienced the umpteenth attempt to arrest Trump. It seems that the Democrats, in order to stop fascism, are willing to arrest as many political opponents as necessary.  

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best memes trump DA
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best memes trump prison
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best memes stormy
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