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Best Memes of the Week: FTX Goes Bankrupt, Memes Revalued

Mejores memes de la semana: FTX quiebra, los memes se revalorizan

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The bankruptcy of cryptocurrency platform FTX stars in the best memes of the week.

The best FTX memes

The FTX scandal has splashed the Democratic Party, as the company’s founder and until now CEO was the party’s second largest donor.

Democrats are trying to disassociate themselves from the possible fraud by taking advantage of the occasion to discredit cryptocurrencies and, in passing, justify new regulations to this financial sector that escapes government control.

The possible FTX fraud has ruined thousands of people and unfairly calls cryptocurrencies into question -as if the problem was in them and not in the misuse that some people give them-, but at least it is leaving us some hilarious memes.

best sbf jail memes
Source: Simón B
best ftx elon musk memes
Source: Elon Musk
best memes biden ftx
Source: The Right to Bear Memes
best ftx memes biden harris
Source: The Right to Bear Memes
best ftx astronaut memes
Source:  Mostly Peaceful Memes
best ftx media memes
Source: Dumbass Photoshop
Source: Anna Khachiyan y Ghibli

Other top memes of the week

Although not exactly a meme, the following video is almost a meme in itself.

In addition to the above, these memes have made their way into our section.

best baldwin memes
Source:  That Southern Dude
best memes hired
best memes biden sentence
Source: Being Libertarian

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