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Biden Allocates $1.85 Billion in Security Assistance for Ukraine

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The administration of Joe Biden announced Wednesday that the United States will allocate at least $1.85 billion in security assistance to Ukraine. The announcement came in the midst of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky‘s visit to the United States.

This includes the authorization of security assistance valued at up to $1 billion, as well as $850 million in assistance via the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI), the Defense Department said in a statement.

The Biden administration detailed in the document that the decision is part of a series of steps the president will take to provide additional capabilities to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“Russia’s unrelenting and brutal air attacks against critical infrastructure have only reinforced the need to provide Ukraine with sophisticated air defense capabilities. At President Biden’s direction, the United States has prioritized the provision of air defense systems to help Ukraine defend its people from Russian aggression,” the agency detailed.

American support for Ukraine

The Department of Defense explained that the United States has been engaged with the Ukrainians since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

The Democratic administration also informed that the United States will allocate an additional 374 million dollars in humanitarian assistance to Ukraine. In a statement, USAID said that this aid will be used to provide food and other services to 1.5 million Ukrainians.

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