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Pregnant Joker: DC Comics, Wokeism Gone Wild

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Following Superman’s bisexual son and Superman himself in a rainbow cape, wearing a mask and fighting climate change deniers, DC Comics introduces another woke cliché favorite: a pregnant Joker.

DC Comics seems to have entered a woke frenzy worthy of the most erratic and eccentric behavior of one of comics’ most iconic madmen: the Joker. In the latest issue of The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing series, we get to see Batman’s arch-nemesis fulfill one of the current woke narrative’s favorite fantasies by getting pregnant.

pregnant joker
Source: Jester Bell en Twitter

Although his pregnancy is not the result of the Joker being a transgender man who was born a woman, but of a spell cast by the wizard Zattana, we are facing the umpteenth inclusion of stereotypes of the radical progressive agenda aimed at young readers. Not only does the comic flirt with the progressive mantra that men can get pregnant, but feminism is also present, as the spell is a consequence of Joker’s macho sexual harassment of Zattana.

Until now, the Joker was a fearsome villain, torn by all kinds of traumas that fueled his criminal behavior, but he had never been characterized as a macho man or a womanizer. Apparently, for today’s progressivism, this is a necessary condition -one might even say it is sufficient- for their villains.

Pregnant Joker and the normalization of wokeism

The efforts of the entertainment and cultural world to normalize the most extremist left-wing discourses are already bordering on the grotesque. We must bear in mind that DC Comics has recently published many stories in which its classic characters are shown as zealous social justice activists.

Superman has taken to fighting white Americans battling illegal immigration at the border; confronting climate change deniers; setting an example by wearing a mask – we understand he couldn’t get vaccinated because of the impenetrability of his skin – and demonstrating his support for his bisexual son by taking on the heteropatriarchal homophobes who have suddenly begun to populate the pages of DC comics.

Not only do superhero comics ooze wokeism, but it has jumped into the movie versions of these characters as well. The increasing politicization of Marvel movies -owned by Disney- is more than self-evident, but also DC Universe movies have been blatant including these progressive clichés in their productions.  

The best example of the inclusion of this agenda could be seen after the release of the Snyder Cut of The Justice League, which when compared to Joss Whedon’s progressive version could be seen that the more appropriate title would have been The Social Justice League.  

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