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Razzies 2023: Full List of Worst in Cinema Nominations

Razzies 2023: lista completa de nominaciones a lo peor del cine, El American

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This week the list of nominations for the Golden Raspberry Awards -popularly known as Razzies-, which reward the worst of the year in the world of cinema, was announced. The fallacious biopic about Marilyn Monroe, Blonde, with 11 nominations, is the strongest candidate to become the big winner -and at the same time the biggest loser- of the 2022 film production.

The fake biopic about Marilyn Monroe directed by Andrew Dominik and starring Ana de Armas has fared very poorly in the Razzies nominations, and everything points to it winning the infamous award in many of the categories. We at El American already predicted it would be the worst film of the year.

The attempt to turn Marilyn Monroe’s life into a feminist political pamphlet and support for the MeToo movement narrative has weighed down this Netflix film, which is up for Razzies for Worst Picture, Worst Remake/Rep-off/Sequel, Worst Supporting Actor twice -Xavier Samuel and Evan Williams-, Worst Screenplay, Worst Director and, also twice, competes for Worst Onscreen Couple.

Marilyn’s regrettable interaction with JFK, and Andrew Dominik’s problems with women, have left us with scenes etched in our retinas that we wish we could forget, but that their well-deserved Razzies nomination will probably make them go down in the history of the worst cinema.

Disney’s pathetic remake of Pinocchio, which we also discussed in El American, is the second most likely to win Razzies, with 6 nominations. Pinocchio is up for Worst Picture, Worst Actor for Tom Hanks, Worst Remake/Sequel, Worst Supporting Actress for Lorraine Bracco, Worst Director for Robert Zemeckis and Worst Screenplay.

Disney’s Pinocchio script -not authorized by Carlo Collodi’s Estate- is a pitiful attempt to subvert the original values of the tale to adapt it to today’s woke ideology. It seems that Disney listened to Jordan Peterson‘s master classes on the deeper meaning of Pinocchio and decided to make a movie to refute point-by-point the most hated professor on the left.

The new adventures of the Pinocchio woke have not gone unnoticed by the Razzies and it wouldn’t be surprising to see it emerge as the worst film of the year.

Another favorite for the Razzies is Morbius, the umpteenth superhero movie -or supervillain, in this case- from the Marvel factory adapted by Sony for the big screen. With 5 nominations, it is the third in discord with the most ballots for infamy.

Apart from the aforementioned films, which have the aggravating factor of being purportedly serious films, we also find candidates such as Good Mourning or the sequels to 365 Days, which do not pretend to deceive anyone and are objectively bad and deserving of all the Razzies they end up getting.

razzies machine gun kelly
Machine Gun Kelly has written, directed and starred in the film Good Mourning (EFE by Alberto Valdes).

Films nominated simultaneously for Razzies and Oscars

Every now and then the same film gets nominated for both the Razzies and the Oscars, which is evidence of the growing dissociation between the Hollywood bubble and the public.

This year, apart from Blonde -Ana de Armas opted for the Golden Globe and is among the nominees for best actress at the Oscars-, another biopic stars in this curiosity of simultaneous nominations for best and worst in cinema.

The film about Elvis is present at the Razzies through Tom Hanks’ supporting character, while it is also among the best films at the Oscars, and even won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Leading Role.

Full list of 2023 Razzies nominees

  • Worst film
    • Blonde.
    • Disney’s Pinocchio.
    • Good Mourning.
    • The King’s Daughter.
    • Morbius.
  • Worst actor
    • Colson Baker (Machine Gun Kelly) for Good Mourning.
    • Pete Davidson (voice) for Marmaduke.
    • Tom Hanks (as Gepetto) for Disney’s Pinocchio.
    • Jared Leto for Morbius.
    • Sylvester Stallone for Samaritan.
  • Worst actress
    • Ryan Kiera Armstrong for Firestarter.
    • Bryce Dallas Howard for Jurassic Park: Dominion.
    • Diane Keaton for Mack & Rita.
    • Kaya Scodelario for The King’s Daughter.
    • Alicia Silverstone for The Requin.
  • Worst remake/rip-off/sequel
    • Blonde.
    • 365 Days and its sequels 365 Days: This Day and The Next 365 Days.
    • Disney’s Pinocchio.
    • Firestarter.
    • Jurassic World: Dominion.
  • Worst Supporting Actress
    • Adria Arjona for Morbius.
    • Lorraine Bracco (voice) for Disney’s Pinocchio.
    • Penelope Cruz for The 355.
    • Bingbing Fan for The 355 and The King’s Daughter.
    • Mira Sorvino for Lamborghini: The Man Behind the Legend.
  • Worst Supporting Actor
    • Pete Davidson (cameo) for Good Mourning.
    • Tom Hanks for Elvis.
    • Xavier Samuel for Blonde.
    • Mod Sun for Good Mourning.
    • Evan Williams for Blonde.
  • Worst on-screen couple
    • Colson Baker (Machine Gun Kelly) and Mod Sun in Good Mourning.
    • Both Real Life Characters in the Fallacious White House Bedroom Scene
    • Tom Hanks & His Latex-Laden Face (and Ludicrous Accent) in Elvis.
    • Andrew Dominik & His Issues with Women.
    • The Two “365 Days” Sequels (both Released in 2022).
  • Worst director
    • Judd Apatow for The Bubble.
    • Colson Baker (Machine Gun Kelly) for Mod Sun for Good Mourning.
    • Andrew Dominik for Blonde.
    • Daniel Espinosa for Morbius.
    • Robert Zemeckis for Disney’s Pinocchio.
  • Worst script
    • Blonde.
    • Disney’s Pinocchio.
    • Good Mourning.
    • Jurassic World: Dominion.
    • Morbius.

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