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Putin and His Allies: Russia Welcomes Colombia’s Refusal to Support Ukraine with Weaponry

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Vladimir Putin’s regime celebrates the latest actions of its socialist allies in Latin America. This Wednesday it was learned that the Russian embassy in Bogotá celebrated the decision of Gustavo Petro’s government in Colombia not to support Ukraine with weapons in its struggle after the Russian invasion.

“We highly value President Gustavo Petro’s statements that Russian military equipment used by the National Army will not be delivered to Ukraine,” the Russian embassy in Bogotá said in a statement.

Similarly, Russia said that the Colombian president’s decision corresponds to the interests of his country. “We consider such a position to be realistic and fully corresponds to Colombia’s national interests.”

The West united against Russia

The Russian position is known after Petro reported on Tuesday that the United States asked him to support Ukraine with war materiel and he refused due to an alleged constitutional order in the international arena that aims to promote “peace”.

“Richardson and other people from the United States, they asked me that, in order to solve the problem of our inability to sustain those active elements, we should hand them over to them and they would take them to Ukraine. No Russian weapon, even if it is useless in our land today, is going to be used today in this conflict”, said the leftist during the CELAC summit, which is being held in Argentina.

Petro’s decision was reported after it became known that Germany will deliver the committed “Leopard 2” tanks to Ukraine between the end of March and early April, its Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said, after Chancellor Olaf Scholz gave the green light to these shipments and also authorized its allies to supply them.

The West remains committed to Ukraine. This week, the United States also confirmed the dispatch of 31 “Abrams”, while the United Kingdom had already announced its 14 “Challenger 2s”. France, so far, limited itself to not ruling out joining with its “Leclerc”.

Williams Perdomo es periodista y escritor, especializado en las fuentes Política y Cultura.