Poll: 40 Percent Believe Racial Tensions Have Risen Since Biden Took Office

The survey is part of an investigation conducted due to the trial of Officer Derek Chauvin for the George Floyd case

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Race relations among Americans have worsened in the United States during the Biden administration. This was confirmed by 40% of those surveyed by Rasmussen Reports, who believe relations have deteriorated. At least 3% of people said they see no change and 22% said the situation is better.

The survey is part of an investigation conducted due to the trial of Officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd. Even black people agree that there is no improvement in the racial issue. In that sense, 41% believe that race relations have worsened.

Biden has an African-American-Asian vice president and has a more diverse staff and cabinet than Trump, but apparently this has not influenced how the public views the issue. The media has also hyped her support from black voters in the 2020 election, according to The Washington Examiner reviews.

Biden - El American
Biden pledged to face racial tensions during his campaign (EFE)
Biden campaign on race

The Biden and Harris campaign was based on talk of a supposed national reconciliation. However, after more than 10 months of mobilizations by Black Lives Matter, the situation is more dire.

“We need to open up the promise of America to all Americans, and that means we need to make the issue of racial equity not just an issue for one department of government. It has to be a whole-of-government issue,” Biden said early in his term.

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In fact, the official White House website indicates that one of Biden’s priorities would be the racial issue and he pledged to address inequities in this regard. “The promise of our nation is that every American has an equal opportunity to get ahead. However, persistent systemic racism and barriers to opportunity have denied many this promise.

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