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‘Historic Victory’: Al-Qaeda Terrorists Celebrate Taliban’s Afghanistan Takeover

La seguridad de Estados Unidos en medio de dos grupos terroristas: ISIS y los talibanes

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Al-Qaeda terrorists celebrated the triumph of the Taliban after the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. The group described as a “historic victory” the end of the American presence in Afghan territory after twenty years of mission.

The information was disseminated by The Telegraph, and further detailed that Al-Qaeda urged its followers to respect the will of the Taliban. “Al-Qaeda has welcomed the “historic victory” of the Taliban in Afghanistan following the withdrawal of US troops, and urged followers to respect the group’s authority,” the newspaper reported.

Likewise, it highlighted that experts have expressed their concern about the situation and about Al-Qaeda’s support to the Taliban. Mainly because it is not known if they will comply with the established agreements, since, for example, among the agreed points is not to attack the United States.

“Experts are concerned that the Taliban leadership will not comply with assurances not to allow al-Qaeda to plot against the United States after the American withdrawal,” The Telegraph noted.

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Since the United States began its withdrawal from Afghanistan, relations with the Taliban have been in a state of constant uncertainty. This situation gained momentum after last week’s terrorist attack at Kabul airport.

Last Sunday, amid a hasty evacuation of troops, allies and American citizens, Islamic State terrorists launched a series of attacks outside Kabul airport in Afghanistan. Among those killed in the attack were 13 young U.S. soldiers, ages 20 to 31.

Meanwhile, despite Biden’s promise to remove all Americans from Afghanistan, there are still U.S. citizens on Afghan soil. Many of them have been threatened or beaten by the terrorist group.

The same fate befell a three-year-old boy and his family who were stranded in Afghanistan. In different ways, they tried to reach the airport to be evacuated, but on the way they were caught.

“They were stopped by a Taliban checkpoint, and received physical beatings. Then they had to flee to a safe house,” James Brown, a veterans’ advocate, explained to ABC.