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See Amber Heard’s Evidence Against Johnny Depp: Drugs, Tantrums, and Threats

Amber Heard - Johnny Depp

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The defamation lawsuit between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp continues, a legal battle that has put into the spotlight the dark side of both Hollywood artists. On the one hand, Depp accused Heard of being violent, cruel, and manipulative. On the other hand, the actress accused her ex-husband of physical and psychological violence.

Until Wednesday, April 20, some of Depp’s witnesses had taken the stand. On April 21, however, Amber’s side of the story was revealed by her attorneys as they cross-examined Depp.

After an argument between the couple that ended up with Depp’s finger being cut off, the actor reportedly wrote on a mirror in his own blood: “Starring Billy Bob and Easy Amber.” He also reportedly wrote: “Good luck and be careful” on an overturned lampshade.

At Thursday’s hearing, Heard’s attorney showed a photograph of a fainted Depp having ice cream spilled on his pants.

“Do you recognize this photo as one of you?” asked Heard’s attorney, Ben Rottenborn.

“Yes, Ms. Heard kindly showed it to me the day after she took it,” he replied. He further told the jury that he had just worked a 17-hour day and had taken Roxicodone. The actor maintained that Heard intentionally asked him to hold the ice cream knowing he was going to fall asleep and drop it. “It was a wonderful photo op for her,” Depp said sarcastically.

Depp: “I don’t want to see that nasty piece of shit again.”

Another situation that came to light was the way Depp went so far as to express himself about his ex-wife Amber in text messages. “I never want to see that nasty piece of shit Amber again,” Depp wrote.

In another text message exchange, Depp called a woman an “idiot cow,” a “worthless whore” and wrote, “I’m going to slap the — before I let her in, don’t worry.”

Rottenborn suggested the messages were about Heard, but a source close to Depp said the actor was joking with his ex, Vanessa Paradis, on an unrelated topic.

Actor Johnny Depp admitted on the stand Thursday that he texted his friend Paul Bettany about choking and burning his then-girlfriend Amber Heard.

“After you said, ‘let’s drown her before we burn her,’ you said ‘I’m going to f*** her burnt corpse afterwards to make sure she’s dead,'” attorney Ben Rottenborn said of the June 11, 2013 text message. “Did I read that right?”

“Yes, you did,” Depp responded during the uncomfortable questioning.

There’s video evidence of Depp’s violent tantrums

A video shown by Heard’s defense during the trial, shows Johnny Depp in a violent attitude destroying glasses, bottles and pouring himself a glass cup. Upon noticing that Heard was recording him, he also decided to destroy the device that recorded the moment.

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