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Mexican Journalist Anabel Hernandez Details Explosive Book Linking Celebrities to Drug Trafficking

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Following the scandal caused by the publication of Emma y las Otras Señoras del Narco by renowned Mexican journalist Anabel Hernandez, several women in the entertainment world have sought out the author to confess their ties to drug lords, Hernandez said in an exclusive interview with El American.

“I knew what I was doing. I put my secret message rolled up in this bottle and threw it into the sea hoping that someone on the other side, on some other beach would pick it up, read it and want to cross the sea. This metaphor has worked. Several women from the entertainment industry who were part of this world of drug trafficking, who were with the drug lords, who received money, who became involved in exchange for money. Women, former partners of important Mexican drug traffickers have contacted me,” the journalist told Jovel Álvarez, an editor of El American.

Hernandez, known for a long history of investigative journalism and reporting on the links between the world of drug trafficking and politics, has now entered into investigating the stories of the women close to the drug lords.

Some of the showbiz people mentioned in her book are Televisa-Univision host Galilea Montijo; former Venezuelan Miss Universe Alicia Machado; former actor, stripper and Mexico congressman Sergio Mayer; and actress and Vedette Ninel Conde.

“This story of Emma y las Otras Señoras del Narco is just warming up and a second stage will follow. I am very grateful to these women. It’s one thing to sit and cry and deny the relationship. The denial of ‘no, I didn’t do that’, or ‘I didn’t take this money.’ And another is to assume one’s own responsibility and say: ‘yes, I did it and I prefer to tell my story so that other women do not have to fall into these harmful circles,'” added Hernandez.

The journalist offers the public the e-mail [email protected], so that women who have been or continue to be linked to the world of drug trafficking can tell their stories.

Anabel Hernández is the author of books such as La familia presidencial, Los cómplices del presidente, Los señores del narco, La verdadera noche de Iguala and El Traidor. Her denunciations have earned her threats and persecution by the Mexican government and drug cartels, for which she has had to go into exile to safeguard her integrity.

On February 3, the journalist announced a lawsuit against actor Andrés García for the threats made against her after the publication of the book Emma y las otras Señoras del Narco, in which he is mentioned.

You can watch the full interview with Anabel Hernández here:

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