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Another Bus of Migrants Arrives at Kamala Harris’ Residence

Otro bus con migrantes llega a residencia de Kamala Harris

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Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott sent on Saturday a new bus with about 50 undocumented migrants to the gates of the residence of VP Kamala Harris in Washington, a move criticized by human rights organizations.

Most of the migrants are from Venezuela, including a one-month-old baby, who were unloaded in the vicinity of the Naval Observatory, northwest of the U.S. capital, Harris’ residence, reported the Fox News network.

Humanitarian organizations assisted these people with food and clothing and quickly transferred them to shelters in Washington.

Three other buses with migrants sent by the Texas government arrived in New York on Saturday as part of the Texas governor’s electoral strategy to criticize the immigration policy of President Joe Biden.

Last April, Abbott announced his intention to send undocumented immigrants to Washington in response to the Biden administration’s decision to rescind a health regulation that allowed them to be expelled due to the covid-19 pandemic, which was never implemented due to a blockage in the courts.

In early August, buses with migrants began arriving in NYC and this month in Chicago.

Last Thursday, two buses chartered by Texas arrived unannounced at the gates of Kamala Harris’ residence instead of Washington’s Union Station, where NGOs were waiting for the migrants.

That same day, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis joined Abbott’s strategy. They chartered two planes to send undocumented migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, an entire state of Massachusetts island where former President Barack Obama (2009-2017) has residence.

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