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Another Person Thrown Onto NYC Subway Tracks in Crisis of Violence

our People Stabbed on New York City Subway

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A man was thrown onto train tracks in New York on Sunday as the subway approached. The incident comes a week after an Asian woman died after she was also pushed and run over by the locomotive. This time, however, the victim was unharmed.

The incident occurred at Fulton Station, near the Ground Zero (where the Twin Towers were located) in Manhattan, at about 11:30 am this morning, local time, but the train was able to stop in time to avoid running over him, according to a local CBS affiliate.

It also notes that the man was taken to a hospital in Manhattan while police are trying to locate the suspect who fled the scene.

On January 15, an apparently random attack occurred in which a 40-year-old woman was run over by the R line train that was arriving at the platform at the time. The man who pushed her, a homeless man, later turned himself to the police.

The incident occurred a few days after the newly-sworn in mayor, Eric Adams, announced that he would beef up security on the subway where there will be more police presence.

He has also said he will send mental health specialists to address the ever-growing homeless population in the subway system.

After the woman’s death, Adams himself admitted that he does not feel safe on the subway, nor do New Yorkers feel safe.

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