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Colombian Confesses Participation in the Assassination of Haiti’s President

asesinato del presidente de Haití

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One of the Colombians involved in the assassination of Haiti’s President Jovenel Moïse confessed his responsibility along with six other compatriots. A fact that would corroborate the hypothesis that the assassination was indeed perpetrated by a group of Colombian mercenaries.

The confession was made after the Haitian police showed recordings to the Colombian ex-military where it is proved his presence in Moïse’s house, at the moment when the assassination of the Haitian president took place.

The Colombian national police confirmed that in fact the Colombian ex-military, Duberney Capador and Germán Rivera planned the assault to the house of the Haitian president. According to Semana magazine, one of the Colombians received $50,000 from individuals in the United States.

One of the Colombians captured confirmed his complicity in the assassination of Haitian president along with seven others. (EFE)

“We know that Colombian citizens Germán Rivera and Duberney Capador participated in the planning and organization of what was initially an alleged operation to arrest the president of Haiti and for this they contacted more people in our country,” confirmed the commander of the Colombian police, Jorge Vargas.

Vargas also confirmed that Rivera would have held meetings with at least 12 people in Haiti to plan the assassination of Moïse, while Capador would have done it with 10 other people. Both military men met with doctor Christian Emmanuel Sanon, the third citizen implicated in the assassination, and to whom the police found caps with the DEA logo, as well as ammunition suppliers in his residence.

Sanon was in charge of making contact with the company that hired the Colombians, CTU Security, a Venezuelan company located in the United States and whose owner would be American-Venezuelan citizen Antonio Intriago.

CTU Security was responsible for contacting Colonel Carlos Giovanny Guerrero Torres to assemble the mercenary team, and Sergeant Capador was allegedly the person who secured the military in Colombia to carry out the assassination.

It is still unclear how many military personnel would have real knowledge of the mission to assassinate the Haitian president. According to the confession of the Colombian ex-military, 7 Colombians would be directly responsible for the assassination. At the moment the Haitian police has 16 Colombians in its custody and is searching for another eight who are said to be fugitives.

The Pentagon confirmed that some of the Colombian ex-military involved in the assassination of the Haitian president received training in the United States.

Who are the brains behind the assassination of the Haitian president?

Haitian police are still determining the participation of the Presidential Guard in the assassination of the president. One of the president’s security chiefs, Dimitri Hérard, did not appear before the hearing to which he was summoned by the Court of First Instance of Port-au-Prince, which is investigating the assassination of Jovenel Moïse under the charge of prosecutor Bed-Ford Claude.

Another person who did not attend the hearing is the divisional commissioner Jean Laguel, another coordinator of Moïse’s security. Laguel sent a minute to the Haitian court stating that a precautionary order from the Haitian police prevented him from attending the hearing.

Sospechosos del asesinato del presidente de Haití reunidos en República Dominicana
Photo obtained by the Haitian police where the alleged brains behind the assassination of Jovenel Moïse are allegedly gathered. (Le Nouvelliste)

On the other hand, there is no trace of Hérard, who according to the Center For Economic and Policy Research has trafficked arms from the United States and was one of the main reasons why Moïse did not want him in his entourage.

The Haitian police have evidence that Moïse’s assassination was planned in the Dominican Republic, and a photo confirms these suspicions, as two of those arrested for the assassination, Christian Emmanuel Sanon and James Solages, are seen together with Senator Joël John Joseph, who is a fugitive from justice.

Also pictured are CTU Security manager Antonio Intriago and businessman Walter Veintemilla, director of the financial services company Worldwide Capital Lending Group. Haitian authorities are currently investigating Veintemilla’s role in the conception of the assassination of the Haitian president.

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