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White Democrat—While Wearing Monkey Mask—Physically Assaults Black Candidate for CA Governor Larry Elder

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This Wednesday a racist attack was registered against the Republican candidate for governor of California, Larry Elder. A person with a monkey mask covering her face threw eggs at Elder and also assaulted part of his team.

Despite the attack, the Republican candidate remained calm and continued walking down the street, while part of his team tried to escort him to the vehicle. On the other hand, a man, who was accompanying Elder, tried to converse with the woman disguised as a monkey, but she hits him and starts yelling at him to stay away.

“You better get your hands off me, motherf***,” the woman said.

Attack to Larry Elder

Meanwhile, a black man who was at the scene appears briefly on camera and says why is Elder running for governor if he can’t do anything. He further comments that Elder doesn’t care about “his people.”

“I don’t understand that. Here’s a man who doesn’t even like his own people and he’s running for governor. For what? He has one year to do it if he wins, and he can’t do shit. He won’t be able to give nothing to us, so why is he running? The Democrats control everything. He [Elder] can’t get nothing done,” the man commented.

The aggression was denounced by several referents. For example, Pastor Timothy Alden assured that it was a racist assault. Likewise, the journalist and editor-in-chief of The National Pulse asked the current governor of California, Gavin Newsom, if he rejected the aggression.

Congressman Byron Donald also published an image in which he made reference to what happened. He tweeted an image from 1957 and compared it to the Democratic supporters who assaulted Elder today.

Larry Elder’s rising popularity in polls

The latest polls show Elder getting nearly 20 % of the vote, with a 10-point gap over his closest rival, Democratic YouTuber Kevin Paffrath. Elder, an African-American who has been a radio host since 1993, has dominated the fundraising race among his fellow GOP candidates. That’s because he has raised $4.5 million during the first 19 days of his campaign.

Elder considers himself a libertarian, and has commented to the website Cal Matters that “the biggest challenge in California, in general, is the intrusivness of the government.”

Larry Elder ha subido en las encuestas (FLICKR)
Larry Elder has surged in polls (Flickr).

The Republican has been heavily criticized by the mainstream media and by Governor Newsom, who has accused him of being misogynistic and too conservative for one of the bluest states in the country.

Among the attacks, the Los Angeles Times published a column accusing Elder of being “the black face of white supremacy.” CNN also published an article saying Elder’s election would be “disastrous for California and the country,” and the New York Times ran an op-ed column saying Elder’s candidacy is a “looming disaster for our troubled state.”

Democrats have not condemned the racist assault

Democrats have repeatedly asserted that a priority on their agenda is fighting racism. Justly, Vice President Kamala Harris assured at the 2020 Democratic Convention, when she was still a senator, that “there is no vaccine for racism.”

Likewise, President Joe Biden said in April of this year that “systemic racism is a stain on the soul of America.” The Democrat also assured that it was necessary to take measures to reduce racial assaults.

Despite these positions, members of the Democratic Party have so far failed to condemn the racist attack suffered by Larry Elder on Wednesday in California.

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