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Guillermo Rodríguez is a professor of Political Economy in the extension area of the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences at Universidad Monteávila, in Caracas. A researcher at the Juan de Mariana Center and author of several books // Guillermo es profesor de Economía Política en el área de extensión de la Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Administrativas de la Universidad Monteávila, en Caracas, investigador en el Centro Juan de Mariana y autor de varios libros
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1534: The Year When the Totalitarian Utopia that Rises in America First Emerged

Karl Marx rewrote the communism of the Christian millenarian heresies and turned them into an atheistic pseudo-science. But Marx's false messianic promises, double standards, and dogmatic fanaticism were already in the Anabaptist revolution of Münster in 1534, a revolution that laid the groundwork for the totalitarian governments of the 20th century.