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The Best Memes of the Week: Clarence Thomas on Fire!

Los mejores memes de la semana: Clarence Thomas on fire!

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WHILE THE LEFT has been busy insulting and lying about Clarence Thomas, the best memes of the week come loaded with an appreciation for the veteran Supreme Court justice. Another topic that has caught the attention of meme creators has been Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony, dubious to say the least, about Donald Trump’s driving abilities.

The best memes on Clarence Thomas and Roe v. Wade

Democrats have taken a very dim view of the Supreme Court’s Roe decision, which some are calling the biggest Democratic defeat since the abolition of slavery. The left has once again demonstrated its enormous tolerance, respect and empathy by pouring out a string of insults and lies about Justice Clarence Thomas. Fortunately, the meme-creating community is doing the job of defending him and extolling him, in the face of the silence and complicity of the progressive media.

Of course, the chest-thumping from some progressive celebrities who think the world can’t live without them couldn’t be missed. Continuing the tradition of if Trump wins I’m moving to Canada and if Elon Musk buys Twitter I’m closing my account, after the overturning of Roe comes celebrities renouncing citizenship, asking pro-lifers not to listen to their music, or threatening a sex strike until the decision is overturned. Although it doesn’t even cross their minds, they are actually doing their opponents a big favor.

mejores memes strike

mejores memes sex strike

The best memes about Trump behind the wheel

The Democratic television show of the January 6 hearing is standing out for the movies that many are making. This has not gone unnoticed by the creators of the best memes, who have made fun of some of the most unlikely testimonials.

mejores memes the driving
Source: DumbassPhotoshop.

Other best memes of the week

Inflation and the bizarre conviction of Ghislaine Maxwell also made their way into the most talked-about news stories by meme creators this week.

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